Types of Tigers: 3 Extinct, 6 Endangered

One of nature’s most beautiful contributions to wildlife is the world’s largest cat species: the majestic tiger (Panthera tigris). In the past, tigers could be found throughout most of eastern and southern Asia, parts of central and western Asia, and even the Middle East, near the Caspian Sea. However, the human population has grown and encroached on tiger habitats, causing the historic tiger range to decrease to just 7% of its original territory.

The Vicious Cycle Between Poor Hygiene and Poverty

Imagine lacking the ability to turn on a tap and find clean drinking water, or not being able to go into a store and purchase a bar of soap. For millions of people living below the poverty line, this is a very real, alarming reality. A July 2017 report by the World Health Organization and UNICEF revealed that three in 10 people (2.1 billion worldwide) don’t have access to clean water at home, and six in 10 lack safely managed sanitation.

New line of men’s swimwear is made from recycled ocean plastic

Bluebuck menswear based in London has released a line of swim trunks made from certified Seaqual yarn, produced from recycled ocean plastic collected by Spanish fishermen from the Mediterranean seabed. To top it off, 5% of all swimwear sales are donated to the Marine Conservation Society in the UK. The nautical-themed trunks are available in eight different colors with a cost of €88 ($99) each and are meant to last longer than other similar products, promoting less waste. The Seaqual organiz
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