One Small Step for Agriculture? Scientists Grow Plants in Moon Soil for the First Time

From Matt Damon’s Mars potatoes in The Martian to the valuable space-grain that Tribbles were so fond of in the second season of Star Trek, science fiction has given us no shortage of opportunities to watch plants grow in space over the years. In fact, the lead horticulturist for NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) has said that she was first inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Geordi La Forge.

The Hidden Costs of Conflict: Environmental Impact of the War in Ukraine

Since the early hours of February 24 marked the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and Europe’s first major war in decades, the world has watched as explosions have reverberated across Ukraine’s capital and, eventually, other highly populated cities. In just over a month, the war in Ukraine saw over 5 million refugees flee to other countries and another 7 million become internally displaced within Ukrainian borders.

15 Fascinating Facts About the Northern White Rhino

Northern white rhinos are global ambassadors for African wildlife, and sadly, living examples of the tragedies that can befall a species due to human influence. The second-largest of the land mammals, northern white rhinos have been poached to the brink of extinction and pushed from their native ranges throughout northern and central Africa. Now, only two remain on Earth — a female named Najin and her daughter, Fatu.

12 easy vegetarian and vegan potluck dishes for Thanksgiving

Sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet on a holiday that revolves around poultry doesn’t have to be a bummer. With the idea of potluck Thanksgiving dinners gaining more and more popularity in the United States (Friendsgiving, anyone?), this can be the perfect opportunity to expose your meat-eating friends to your plant-based lifestyle and provide some healthier alternatives to classic Thanksgiving staples.

Why Sea Turtles Are Endangered and What We Can Do

Approximately 61% of worldwide turtle species are either threatened or already extinct, and the sea turtle is no exception. The Caribbean Sea alone was home to tens of millions of sea turtles just two centuries ago, but numbers are estimated closer to the tens of thousands these days. Like many other marine vertebrates, sea turtles are threatened by bycatch, illegal poaching, habitat loss, climate change, and pollution.

How Pandemic-Related Closures Allowed Oahu's Hanauma Bay to Recover

Carved by nature into the coastline of Oahu’s east side and distinguishable by its turquoise waters, Hanauma Bay is a true natural wonder of Hawaii. A result of the island’s most recent volcanic activity about a million years ago, this curved bay boasts easy accessibility, proximity to Waikiki, and some of the state’s best snorkeling. Because of this, Hanauma Bay earns a place on the itinerary of almost every tourist who visits Oahu.
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